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At Japan motors Oy, we deal with auto parts made and used in Japan that have not completed their working lives. Due to the rigid inspection system in Japan, people tend to buy new vehicles after only few years of use; therefore, the mileage remains relatively low. We believe that our products will change your idea of "used parts".

Are you getting the right idea ?

What does the term "used spare parts" suggest to you! Rusty, dirty, broken old bits of junk? That could lead to a misunderstanding of how we work.

At Japan motors Oy, we deal with used Engines that have not completed their working lives. The Engines we receive have been used by someone else. But we do not believe that "used" means "inferior quality." We do not handle used Engines that are of no use.

It is our company policy to subject our products to the strictest quality controls to ensure customer satisfaction.

Seeing is believing. Come and check our used Engines and you will realize that you may have had a false idea of used Engines.

We cover Japan.

We must be ready to give our customers what they want, no matter where they are and what their requirements are. For example, durability in cold regions, the ability to withstand desert conditions, compact size with high power and mass sales at good prices.

Our network is already wide and is expanding all the time. The scope of that network is more than just an indication of the scale of our business; it is the inevitable result of the need to meet the requirements of our users anywhere.

These factors combine to ensure a constant supply of Engines in good condition which become the raw material of our parts supply business. We have established a system through which we can quickly collect high-quality used Engines from anywhere in Japan.